There is no new Dutch law

Dutchman here, took a look at our law and documents for this stuff. As it has always been, fictional (virtual) content is only seen as child pornography when it either:
· is overly realistic, hard to discern from real imagery,
· or aimed towards children in an attempt to persuade them to partake in such acts.
The law has, as far as I know, not changed here. The only thing I do know of, is that some bloke said they want to put more effort into finding such “bad” networks that share such content. Trust me, I’d be the first to know if such a law passed..

Source: (in Dut h)

…This said, this may change soon if we let the UN do their thing – the UN has proposed a law implementation that includes all types of CP – that is, it includes fictional beings in any art style, all types of art including it etc. Whether this’ll sprrad to even Napalm Girl, Lolita (book) etc. is unknown, but NL has reacted positively to the proposal (unlike Japan and many Japanese orgs)

Date: July 26, 2019